Numericalz Accountants in Gravesend & Northfleet

Self Assessment

Talk to us about your self-assessment tax requirements. We provide end to end planning and compliance check.

Self assessment preparation and calculation

We will guide you, and produce all necessary and compliant paperwork such as your pension income, capital gains, business income and expenses information.

We will prepare from the above information your accounts, and incorporate them into your self-assessment tax return, ensuring any other income such as rental income, dividends, or bank interest are also accounted for and that we claim relief for all allowable deductions and allowances whilst calculating your taxable income and taxes thereon.

Submission to HMRC

Once you have agreed and approved your tax return, we will submit the same to HMRC on your behalf in a timely manner to avoid any fines and penalties. We will agree your taxes with the HMRC so you can be stress free and focus on your business.

Self Assessment Tax Returns

What this is all about and why you may have to do it?

Do I need to complete a tax return?

You may be required to complete a tax return if any of these apply to you:

You are a director of a limited company.
You are self-employed or a partner.
You have a property that you rent.
You have sold or given away an asset.

Can you advise me or help complete my tax return?

Yes of course we can. We will look at your circustances and advice you and then:

Prepare and complete your tax return.
Calculate your tax liabilities due.
Seek your approval to agree your taxes.
Submit the tax return to HMRC on your behalf.

Will you Submit my tax return to HMRC?

We will take care of all the steps necessary to submit the tax return to HMRC on your behalf:

We will submit the return to HMRC.
We will guide you on when your taxes are due.
We will provide you with details on how to pay.
We will send you reminder to pay when your taxes are due so that you can be stress free.